The Non-Rural Side of Iowa

Growing up

Wheat field and fall forest

A picture of the farm I grew up on. Photo Credits: Tony Schumacher

Growing up on a dairy farm was normal in my small town in central Wisconsin. Everybody either was a farm kid, or was friends with someone who was. That is not to say that everyone knew what living on a farm is like, it just means that they had a basic understanding of what life on a farm entails.

Once I moved to college, I found myself far removed from the basic understanding. I did not expect to be so far removed. After all, I am attending a school in the center of Iowa, a state noted for being rural. Just to highlight the point, the welcome sign for Iowa on the Minnesota border says the state is “fields of opportunities.”

I did not realize how few kids attending Drake University would be from rural areas. My roommate my freshmen year grew up on a farm. One of the students I know from church is helping run his parents’ farm. I only know one other student who grew up on a farm.
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