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Julia Wolf
Hi! My name is Julia Wolf. I am a senior at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa studying political science and journalism.

The adventure that led me to Drake has been entertaining, to say the least. My family made the 8,000 mile, 28-day, drive up to Alaska in a Prius. The trip showed me the beauty of the world and inspired the desire to see more of it. Three weeks after returning from Alaska, my family drove to Yellowstone National Park. Since that summer, I have taken family road trips to California, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and around Lake Superior. I also went on a mission trip to New Orleans over spring break with fellow Drake Students.

The views I have seen and the people I have met on these trips were dramatically different from the rural environment I was used to. I grew up just outside a small town of 700 people in central Wisconsin. I perfectly match the stereotype of a small-town Wisconsin girl. I lived on a dairy farm and have honed a love for freshly made cheeses from the local cheese factory. I am obsessed with animals of any kind. I milked cows everyday until my family sold the cows when I was twelve so we could travel the United States and Canada.

Julia Wolf at Drake University

Julia Wolf at Malaysian Night 2016
I have managed to further my interest in the world at Drake. I’ve made friends from every stretch of the globe, from Malaysia and Japan all the way to Zimbabwe. Learning about all of those cultures has kept me busy. I was also given the opportunity to perform dance pieces in the cultural celebrations Chinese Night and Malaysian Night.

I had the opportunity to study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the Fall 2017 semester. While I was there, I began learning the Russian language. I also spent time exploring the city and engaging with the local culture.

My experiences traveling combined with making friends from around the world has shaped the dreams I have for my life. I discovered that everyone has a story to tell; all you have to do is ask to hear it. I have also noticed that people’s concerns are remarkably similar, regardless of where they are from. My goal is to become a journalist that tells the stories that deserve to be told.

I hope you will follow along in my journey to achieve these goals during my time here at Drake.

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